Tuesday, February 21, 2012

some randoms.

Wanna know some things?
well here they are, regardless of your answer.

1. Pokey lettuce scares me. I understand that it is healthy.. but I feel like I am eating a bush.
Although.. Guru's pokey lettuce is okay, because the salads there are delecioso!

2. Dried pineapple? no thank you. If you note above it says island trio..
I ate all the kiwi, and mango.. and now i have a bag of dried pineapple.
something about the texture freaks me out. 

3. donuts do not scare me,
not even a little bit.
and I also enjoy getting free donuts for my grades.

4. I slid self-destruct.
why did i not try to teleport?

Happy Tuesday people. 
go crazy.

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