Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Have you ever thought of what your home is made of?

The Madsen home is made of:
Being tickle attacked,
Popping backs,
Salsa making,
Piano and guitar jamming,
music blasting,
minky cuddling,
Sahara, Call of the wildman, and storage wars,
birds flying over our heads,
repeating "good girl" to lilly,
uncontrollable laughing,
jokes about Cody being the favorite child, 
long hair,
and much, much more.

What an amazing thing it is, that a solid foundation, brick walls, some carpet, and furniture, holds such incredible memories. This home is solely filled with moments, moments we will never forget. The christmas eve sleep overs in the basement, the sunday dinners, the laughs, the fights, the cries. 

I hope that when I have a family of my own, I can create an environment for my children that keeps them wanting to come back. That our home will be a safe haven for them. That no matter what goes on in the world, they can love the home that has our memories floating around like ghosts. 

What an amazing thing, a home is. 


  1. :) salsa & good girl are definitely the best memories i have from your house!! miss the good ole days miss annie! love love love you! oh oh oh!! and "feliz navidad a;fdjakfjidj FELICIDAD!!" hahaha.

  2. and licorice. the madsen home is definitely made with licorice.

  3. bachelorette parties. yep, those too.