Monday, October 8, 2012

be grateful.

I feel tired and stressed, so I've decided to write down the specific things I am grateful for, at this very moment.

1. I'm grateful for my family. I was able to sleep at heatherlynn's last night, and it reminded me how lucky I am that my cousin is my best friend. I'm grateful that Cody got his own store. Even though I am totally wrecked by the thought of him and theo being all the way in California.. I am so happy for him. He has worked so hard, and set such an incredible example for me to go after any dream I have. I am so proud of him. I am beyond grateful for the example Garrett has set for me, these last two months especially. He is overcoming so much, and has shown me that nothing can hold me down.. not even addiction. 

2.I am grateful for my job. Specifically a job that I can bury myself in the clothes I had in my car.. because it is so cold in here. I'm grateful that my boss is hilarious. For example.. if you saw my insta postit showed pictures of last week, when he told me I looked like a pirate. He covered my car with signs that said "the black pearl" and "arghh".. well the next day he had me tie a garbage bag around my head.. and black out one lens of my glasses (to make it look like an eye patch).. to keep the pirate theme going.. haha.. how could I not love my job?

3. I am grateful for the influence and example others set for me. This is a tough one, because I am speaking about one person in specific. He has decided to start his mission papers this week, which means that there is a very high possibility that he will leave while I am in Ecuador. It has hit both of us pretty hard, because I am leaving soon. I don't think either of us are ready to say goodbye, but I am so happy for him. I know this is what he wants, and needs to do.. it just sucks. Really bad timing. At this very moment.. I cannot even picture saying goodbye to him.. it'll be a tough one for sure, but how can I not be grateful for his willingness to go? ahh.

4.I am grateful that I can download "days until" apps... So I don't have to count how many days until I am leaving, every single day. For some reason I can never remember how many days I counted  the day before, so like every hour I have to either count the links left on my countdown chain, or count the days on the calendar.. this way I can just whip out my handy phone and look at how many days left. But I guess that also makes me grateful that I can count... 

5. I am grateful for music and books. What powerful and influential things these are. So so so grateful for them. 

6. I am grateful I am going to Ecuador. I know I have already mentioned this.. but I honestly can't explain my excitement/nervousness/every emotion I could possibly feel. I am so ready. T minus 51 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes, and 13 seconds. (I downloaded a pretty detailed app while I was typing... ) 

I am grateful for so much more.. but specifically those at this very moment. 
Be grateful through the hard times, I promise it helps. 

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