Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"For me, everybody's struggles are different. It's easy for someone who's not going through it to say, 'oh, well just hang in there,' but I think it's okay to be  hurt and crushed and cry and be angry and frustrated- that's all part of it. I think people stopping you from doing that is not helpful at all. It's important to rally around people that love you, because you tend to- I certainly tend to isolate myself away from people so as to not worry them, but the people that love you worry anyway, so you may as well rally yourself around them and let them be there for you. 'Cause there's a huge chance that they'll need you sometime too."
-- Keith Urban

Putting myself one hundred percent out there, I will tell you that this quote hits home for me.
I know that there is several people that would agree..
It's hard.
It's hard to open up to people, to rely on someone that may not be there for you always.
But I've learned more recently that I can not go throughout  my life on my own.
I've been sent here, with the people surrounding me for a reason.
I tend to isolate myself, and fool myself that nobody cares or will be there.. 
I am not always strong enough, though I do try to tell myself I am.
but, I am eternally grateful I am surrounded by people that can teach me day after day to love.
To trust, 
to search for the brighter day,
to know the best is yet to come,
to never give up on myself, or others.
I am blessed with some of the greatest friends, and looking at my life right now..
I don't know who I would be with out them.

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