Wednesday, February 29, 2012

getting there.

As I scribble down goals,
jot future plans,
I come to a realization, that I can truly do what ever my heart desires.
My thoughts, my doubts, my weaknesses are the only things standing in my way.
No excuses. 
I don't know every step in my life that I am going to take to make it something I am proud of,
but I know that by taking it day by day, it will turn out that way in the end.
I will push myself to the limit,
live with as close as zero regrets as I possibly can,
I will let me crazy dreams endure in my head, and not shut them down by lies.
I will explore all the corners of my life,
all the dark sides of my very own personality, 
I will discover more than I could possibly imagine.
Searching for wisdom, lending a helping hand, sparing my heart to someone that needs it, 
go till i can't go anymore.
I will show the strength that I once didn't believe I held.
I will believe in myself, even if I am the only one. 

The future is bright, and I get more and more excited each day.

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