Friday, March 2, 2012

110 percent.

Have you ever given all of yourself to something?
Everything in your heart, you could give.
whether it be to a person, or a goal.
I feel like it is so hit or miss.
how do you know what you will get in return?
you don't.
You could give everything you could manage,
and get absolutely nothing in return.
Whether the person doesn't feel the same way about you, or your goals aren't accomplished..
and sometimes it's hard to look back and think,
"I gave it my all, I did all I could, and it still didn't work out"
and being straight up, 
It sucks.
It is an awful feeling to be told someone doesn't feel the same way about you,
or that your future has different ideas in mind.
but at this point I would rather sit here and say 
"I gave everything I could, and it isn't in my hands anymore"
I've done my best, but maybe this isn't what is best for me.
Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith, and hope that it will turn out in the end.
Maybe not how you wanted, but exactly how you needed it.
The lessons will make you wiser, the heartache will make you stronger, and the confusion will show you how perfect things can turn out later on in life.
It's easy to ask God to ease your load, and light the way so that you can keep going.
but sometimes he decides to have you keep going, and show you later on why you had to carry such a heavy load. 
And to show you that your path may not always be bright, 
but the light at the end will bring much more than relief,
but satisfaction.. as you realize you have grown much more than you could have earlier  comprehended. 
take the jump, and give it your all,
maybe you'll lose it all,
but maybe you won't. 

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  1. beautiful post. i needed that. thanks girl. i love you so much.