Friday, March 30, 2012

as of late.

1. I had to give a speech in college writing and was doing fairly well. I meant to say "a negative situation" but my brain.. being dumb wanted to say "a crappy situation".... well it came out " a crappaaaa..negative situation." yeah Fail. On one of my evaluations it said "don't use the word crappy.. it sounds uneducated" hahaha.. got it. 
2. Sometimes my co-workers music makes me want to die. I'm sure he might feel the same way about my music, but that is why I bring headphones. I do not BLAST it.
(I wonder if he can see me typing this from his computer, awkward.)
3. I have fallen in love with Amos lee. check him out.
4. I start my solo on Monday, and I'm a little nervous.
5. I never drop my phone.. but when I do it is at the gym. garaunteed. then I mumble bad words.. but it isn't really mumbling. I just think it is cause I'm blasting my music. Nope I'm saying them loud and clear. Awesome.
6. Texting people is scary lately.
7. I just want to finish learning the rubik's cube. 
8. Got asked to prom by Mr. Austin Hollan. so stoked. 
9. Shopping online is way more fun. cause then you get a package. Even when I know what's inside, it's still like a surprise.
10. Got three letters in the mail this week, none of which were from dumb colleges. Holla.
11. 92.5 is suppose to play like hip-hop and they claim to be like number one radio station that plays hip-hop. They played Justin Bieber on the way to work. I got love for my man JB... but I'm not sure if I'd call it hip-hop.
12. If I could be married to Ian Eastwood.. I'd be the happiest girl ever. Check out his new dance called "faded" You might cry.. I sure did.

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  1. I love that you said "holla"
    and i love that we both blog about collin (in a round about way, rubiks cube?)