Monday, April 2, 2012

my summer bucket list.

It's a little early... but I don't care because I'm sure I'll have lots to add.
less than two months? Hallelujah. 

1. Multiple Bonfires
2. Long boarding the canyon 
3. Camping 
4. Go hiking in Zions
5. Hiking anywhere
6.Puddle Jumping
7. Dance in the Rain
8. Have a picnic
9. Find a magical place
10. Pull an all nighter
 (not the stay up all night sleep all day.. like stay up a full 24 hours)
11.Read erryday. 
12. Make a huge fort
13. Stargazing in the canyon
14. Visit Wallsburg park
15. Go out of state
16. Go silent for 24 hours
17. Sleep on the tramp
18. Go on a road trip
19. Go to a carnival and ride on the dizzy rides
20. Watch all the harry potters in one day
21. Have living room sleepovers with maddie
22. Go to baseball games
23. Go biking
24. Go fishing
25. Plant flowers
26. Make sidewalk paint and go crazy in my backyard
27. get tan. (or like.... a little color)
28. Visit the brothers  more
29. Hike Timpanogos
30. Color an entire coloring book
31. Do something every day that makes me happy

I will definitely be adding to this, but for now this will do.

Anyone want to join me?

1 comment:

  1. pick me! pick me! i seriously will do these with you. we've got to play this summer. especially before the middle of august comes!!!