Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Eleven Randoms:
1. I have an obsession with journals and notebooks. 
I will justify spending money on them, at any time. 
I have about twenty that I haven't even written in yet.
2. Dragonflies are my favorite insect.
3. I get the hiccups pretty much anytime I eat.
I find it extremely annoying.
4. I want to graduate right now, but have no idea what I'm doing with my life after that.
5. I wish I could sing... bad..
6. Sometimes I think I'm gangster,
and it's a little embarrassing to admit. haha
7. I love my job.. like honestly. Going into work is fun for me.
8. I like to shop online, but mostly just when I have zero doll hairs to spend.
9. I sleep with my minky and am definitely in love.
10. I have the easiest senior schedule ever.
11. I've got three birds. and I will bawl the day they are gone. 

1. What is your biggest dream in life?
--To find beauty in every day. I know it sounds cheese ball, but seriously.
I want to live each day with high intentions, and happiness where ever I go.
I want a family, and have love and light in every single day.
2. Who has inspired you the most?
--Definitely a hard question, but I'd probably go with my mother. Though growing up is hard, and contention with parents is every where you turn.. she has always intended to guide me to what is best for me.
She lost her dad and brother before she graduated, another brother and mother later on, 
and lives a life that would make them proud. 
3. What is your comfort food?
-- uhm. junk food? haha probably a little frozen yogurt, always seems like a good thing to rely on.
4. If you have a heartbreak playlist, 
what are some of the songs on it?
--Walk away by: ben harper. Poison and win by: the civil wars. Blindsided by: bon iver. 
those are a few I will admit to, some of the others are a little pathetic hahaha.
5. If you could do one thing to make a difference in the world, what would you do?
--of course solve world hunger would be great and all, but honestly I hope at some point in my life I can be an example to someone else. I know at times I have relied on people more than I could ever imagine, and some day I hope to say something to someone, be there for someone, or give hope to someone that couldn't see it in themselves for that moment.
6. How many kids is your ideal number?
--seems like it would be a simple question.
Oh, well it's not. Here is my dilemma:
I don't like even numbers, so I don't want four. Three doesn't seem like enough (I KNOW IT IS BUT STILL) and five seems like a whole village of children. soo. I would probably say three. but maybe by some miracle I will get over my even number problem and have four. 
7. Who are your best friends?
--Number one, my sister. No doubt. 
but aside from that I have so many close friends.. that I wouldn't change for the world.. 
best friends just a title, and some come and leave so quickly, it's hard to say.
8. If you could switch places for a day with one person,
 who would it be?
--Probs.. Anna Pavolova. or Luam.
Two dancers, one ballerina, one hip-hop.
Two absolutely breath taking dancers. I admire them very much. 
9. Favorite brand of clothing?
--Free People if I had endless monies. but realistically daytrip. 
or like who ever makes them xxxxl tee's hahaha.
10. What is your favorite dinner to eat?
funeral potatoes. 
enough said.
11. What do you crave all the time?
Guru's house salad. 
holy yumm. 

I tag you.
If you'd like that is.


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