Monday, March 12, 2012

I loved you at hello, and I love you at goodbye.

It's harder to redirect thoughts than I thought it would be.
Especially when everyone brings you up like I can't be human without you.
It's like the situation is echoing through where my footsteps tread.
It's not making anything easier, that I can't say exactly what happened.
I never said that this is what I wanted,
I never decided to take this road,
I never chose for things to be this way,
all I know is that my words seem useless, 
and my energy towards the situation seems wasted.
I'm confused to the point that I don't even know where to start.
I honestly thought the weekend in St. George would take it off my mind..
haha funny.
I don't know why I am posting this on my blog, rather than writing it in my journal.
Maybe cause I'm sick of talking to myself, 
though it pretty much feels the same on here.
I just don't get it... is honestly all I feel.
I met a girl last week who filled me in a lot on the situation, which was hard to hear.. but that's not the point. 
I can't forget about it.
I can't walk away on these terms.
and "these terms" mean... no terms because we just stopped talking.
So here I am.. writing to my stupid blog, on stupid march twelfth.. which makes it that much stupider

but here I am, once again, unable to walk away.

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