Thursday, March 8, 2012

miss lacey brooke ivey.

Happy nineteenth birthday lace.
It's crazy to look back on the past years and see how far we've come.
Things are really different now, and I don't think either of us intended for it to be this way, but regardless you still mean the world to me.
I have never felt like I have had an older sister more in my life.
You were my role model, my biggest support system, and literally cheered me on when I felt so alone.
Starting with our weekly talks after mutual, and realizing how much we were alike.
I remember our first sleep over, and talking about everything all night in Cody's old room.
One time I told you I had never received flowers after a dance concert not thinking anything about it, and sure enough there you were with flowers at my next dance concert.
I don't think you ever missed one.
Most people don't know what you gave up my sophomore year.
Every weekend you would take me to where I was going, and leave fifteen minutes before twelve to take me home and make sure I was on time.
Nobody would do that lace. 
It hurts a little, knowing I don't know what's going on in your life.. but it doesn't matter.
I still want the same for you, and will never forget the friendship you have given me all these years.
I hope this year brings you more happiness than you can imagine, and that you get where you are wanting to go.
Never forget;
Our first year at camp of being friends haha, and all the years after that. From being the best ycl's we could be, but breaking most of the rules at the same time. When i peed my pants on the bathroom floor, to every single one of our matching outfits. Going up early with the ellilots, and our we love bro elliot shirts. the sunrise hikes, and when we had to wait for the bus for hours. Youth conference, and when bro and sister henderson asked who was in our tent. haha hiding stewart and playing uno. "1..2..3.. gucci gucci goo!"  when courtney horn wacked me in the face and almost broke my nose, and you got it on camera. Midway, and us trying to take a nap but ending up taking a million pictures instead. Peeing in the shower after swimming.. and pretty much freezing walking back after swimming, in the piles of snow. the kaylnn face hahahaha and "mm mmm mmmm". pinchie cheekies. going shopping and wearing all of our new clothes for the whole next week. at wendys when your mom wouldn't let me pay and you told me to give up because she for sure wouldn't let me. playing bunko haha. new years eve at rosie's.. and feeling like we were on something when we weren't... all the dance parties over there, and the people trying to make themselves pass out. my concussion hahaha. Our spaghetti dinner at like four in the morning, and spending every minute of Christmas break at nathan's or rosie's. You doing the stanky leg with your hair flipped over and the sunglasses and hat on.. hahaha. "i can make your shoulder pop"... all the break dance practices that didn't go so well. The flour...... hahahahaha. and the embarrassing half times. how tim acted... haha. going to maverik and getting way to much ice cream. our tbdc rap... and performing it for them haha. Driving with you before anyone else. and you parallel parking haha. our gross word list... like nuzzle. your sixth months of driving party. you kidnapping me for my 16th birthday, and making me get in the back haha. being matilda's. eating coldstone. telling stories in front of my house at three in the morning then being to scared to get out. coming to see you after you got ready for preference and prom. us trying to do our math homework together. literally every day in math.. laughing so hard we were crying.. over who knows what. sneaking out for your first time. the harmons hand dryers haha.and when you came over to my house stomping in and was all "don't ever tell me to not text you" haha then going to wendy's. "your total is 4.27." we only had 4.30... eating apples at church. the note your wrote me before I auditioned at studio one. all of the novels we wrote each other after every occasion haha. the video you made me for my birthday. 
if that isn't enough to prove we've had some crazy times, i don't know what is.
Through all of this I look back and realize with you, I've been happier than I can ever imagine. One of the notes you wrote me says "i love how we look at each other and start laughing for no reason". I don't remember any drama, or bogus high school crap when it was like that. Though not all of it was easy, and we had to help each other through a lot of family problems, and situations that were far from easy. We stuck together. You were my best friend, but much more like a sister. 
I love you lace, and know that no matter what happens in the future, you've done more for me than i could ever thank you for. I hope you have a great day, and always remember I will be here, no matter what the future brings. 
Happy birthday, love you. 

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