Wednesday, April 25, 2012

just like the sea.

As I sit here reading across a couple articles, facebook posts, and quotes, I realize that I am supposed to be doing my homework. It is 8:02 am and I am supposed to be at school. I should be sitting in my desk, avidly ready to learn. But yet, I am still here and even blogging about it. Responsible, I know. As I read across some things tears were brought to my eyes as I realize a big part of my "growing up" life is over. High school is where you are supposed to learn the majority of who you are or the person you are going to become. I know I have done that for the most part, but it is still scary. As I'm typing this, I realize how much torture my red eyes are getting, looking at this bright screen. I was up all night reading Dear John for the third time. Last night I told myself how stupid I was for staying up and that I would barely be able to function, but I just kept turning the pages. And it was worth every word. 
So here is to my future. 
because I plan on 
Staying up reading all night, forever. 

I have been given this very day to make the absolute best of it.
I am excited to move on with a new chapter of my life, but I am not going to leave behind these past few learning years. 
People always say to "leave high school behind" or "grow up after high school".
High school has made me who I am right now, I've learned who my friends are, What kind of person I want to be, How to love, How to cope, How to be happy, and How much this very moment matters to me.

So here is to
reading all night,
doodling in every notebook I own,
getting asked to dances,
pulling all nighters, 
learning how to love,
listening to a thousand love songs,
figuring out who I'm going to be,
relying on my family,
tdt and dance,
here is to those people that you never thought you would be friends with, but they have changed your life forever.
here is to the past, the present, and the future.
Here is to us. 

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