Tuesday, April 17, 2012

on sale. two for one.

I wear my brothers basketball shorts to the gym,
but they slide off my behind, more than they stay on.
I say "goodnight, love you, sleep good, see you in the morning" in that order to my family, every single night. cause that's just what we do.
I belt John Mayer in my car with the windows rolled down, 
even though I'm aware, I am an awful singer.
I get extremely nervous during the twilight movies, 
especially when Victoria comes around.
I cry often while watching Harry Potter,
and have Snape placed in a special spot in my heart. 
I have started about ten books in the past week
 and now don't know which one to finish first. 
I find an extreme amount of joy in driving fast.
I recently became overly obsessed with instagram.
I have to put chia seeds in my smoothies to help my sicknesses, but all I can think of is the chia pets they use to sell on t.v. 
and now I have a great fear that I am growing a chia pet in my stomach.
I see cool hair styles on pinterest and tell myself I'm going to do them,
but end up going to school with wet hair everyday.
I have "fast car" at the top of my list of things to soon get. high hopes I know.
I really really love boy meets world and fresh prince of bel air.
I have really bad road rage, and get annoyed with slow drivers quickly.
I like "roughing it" and am 100 percent okay with being dirty.
I realized I have to drink more water, but am overly dramatic about it. 
(like, I pretty much think I'm drowning)
I talk to my bird and answer for her all the time. 
She tells me she loves me. (telepathy)
I have changed my mind about what I want to be when I grow up 
at least 7 times this past week.
I would be the happiest person ever if I could be a nascar driver. 
I love service, and helping as much as in my power.
I love fully.

I'm me, 
and I wish we lived in a world where people would get to know each other before jumping to conclusions.

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  1. you are the most down to earth girl i know. i love you annie!