Sunday, May 27, 2012

my 2 cents. or 20 thoughts. what.

Sunday day day.

1. I'm officially eighteen years of age.
2. I have a lot of jell-o left over from yesterday, and I intend to eat it all.
3. I die when I hear Jonny sing "boyfriend"
4. I'm glad I went to the baseball games this week. So much fun.
5. I'm really bothered that I just became friends with a lot of people. I wish I would have become friends with them at the beginning of the year. Oh well. Here's to a crazy summer.
6. I'm done with high school. Graduation t minus two days. 
7. I've realized that no matter how much you might do for your friends, you should never expect them to do anything in return. 
8. I can't wait to try thai drift tomorrow with two of my new favorite people. 
9. I found out I am back door neighbors with one of my new friends. We decided we are going to make telephones with string and cups and talk all summer. He loves the idea.
10. I enjoy the two balloons that my mom got me for my birthday that are half the size of my body.
11. My new purse smells like leather, and it makes me want to pass out.
12. Starting full time tomorrow. Bring it baby.
13. Senior trip is going to be the most fun trip ever. So excited.
14. I feel like people intentionally do mean things. And it bugs me.
15. I learned from a new friend that sometimes  you just have to block it out. When you have enough going on at your house, or have other stresses, you have to make yourself not be apart of the drama others try to drag you into.
16. Lana Del Rey (or as I call her "wanna del taco") is the greatest. 
17. Music is the only stability I feel at times.
18. I want some more jell-o. 
19. My summer bucket list is getting crazier and crazier. yayaya
20. I'm so over caring what people have to say. 

the end. 

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