Sunday, June 17, 2012

here it is.

Sometimes I just feel like telling people, "thank you.. but I never asked for your opinion."
I feel like now that I'm graduated, and it's time to make some important decisions, every single person feels the need to give me advice. That's fine, but I am so sick of hearing it. Every time I tell an adult that I don't think I'll start school right away, they go off on this long tangent of all the reasons why I should. Telling me to learn from their mistakes. Well here I am, wanting to scream in their faces.. that I need to learn from my own mistakes. I have to learn to fall and pick myself back up. I have to learn to depend on myself, and nobody else. It's just past the point of me even wanting to listen. If it wasn't so disrespectful I would walk away the second they began talking to me. I'm very capable of making my own decisions.. whether they are the "right ones" or not, I have no doubt that I will learn from them.. and at this point, that is all I need. 

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  1. annie. i love you. i know whatever decision you make will be the right one for you. follow your heart. you are an inspriation to me. thanks girl.