Saturday, August 4, 2012

Put it in perspective.

It is Saturday in Orem, Utah.
So far I have woken up today; it was around 10:30.
Went to work, 
Came home and fell asleep on my parents bed,
Woke up to fresh salsa, 
Ate some of that,
Then continued on down to my room.
I am currently wrapped in my Minky blanket, 
on my bed, with my laptop in my lap, and my phone to my side.
I don't have to be anywhere, or do anything for about the next five hours. 

My life is so incredibly blessed, and at times I fail to notice this.

I slept in this morning, because I wasn't required to be anywhere else. So I rested in my bed, filled with pillows and blankets.
I then went to work, where I sit and a desk, on a cushioned chair, in an air conditioned room. I set my own hours, so I can be done when I choose to be. I get paid very good  money for what I do.
I drove my car home, 
Woke up to the aroma of fresh vegetables, and food waiting for me to awake to. 
I rinsed my dirty dish in the running sink water, and even kept in running for extra time, though I wasn't using it.
And now here I lay, in my own room, on my own bed, with my possessions laying around me. Looking to my right I see my closet, chuck full of clothing. To my left is my t.v., with hundreds of dvd's stacked to one side, and hundreds of books to the other. I have the Internet at the click of my finger, whether I wish to use my laptop, or my phone. 

My life is so unbelievably blessed. 
To think about the people that will never know what the internet is, to be unaware of Facebook, to never touch technology, to not have air conditioning, or electricity at all. The fact that they go on with their lives, loving each other, working long hours, giving so much of themselves, but get very little in return. When I say very little, I am referring to worldly things, that come so easy to us. The fact that people don't have a sink that they can keep running, just because. They don't have "extra" food.. and may rarely ever even have enough food to feed their hungry stomachs. There are people without medicine, and getting a cold or the flu easily turns into a life or death situation. It blows my mind. I can't even picture how that would be. Part of me wishes all the shit I have in my life would just be gone. That I was only left with the bare essentials. All the "things" I have are such a huge blessing, but life isn't about the "things."

But the meaning of this blog post is to say this:
"Because I have been given much, I too must give."
What an incredible phrase. 
I have been given such an easy life. It is easy to look at how hard it is for us, or look at our trails like they are such horrible things, but in reality we have it made. I Annie, have been blessed with far more than I deserve. And because of that, I am now taking it upon myself to make sure I give back in anyway I can. We have been blessed the way we have, to find a way to bless the lives of others.

 I wish to leave this earth better than I found it, 
and solemnly swear that I will never stop making an effort to do so. 

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  1. change the world with me?
    I love this. and I love you even more.
    and you should become a social worker with me.