Monday, August 6, 2012

the one person you thought wouldn't, will.

Loyal: Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance
Synonyms: faithful, true, devoted, trusty, constant.

What a sad day it is, when you can't trust anyone.
That isn't me exaggerating.. at all.

There isn't a person I can trust completely.
Though I might trust them with aspects of my life, I always have to leave something out, because I know that they have no loyalty when it comes to certain things. 

It's sad. 
People are never constant, true, loyal, friends. 
I'm not perfect, and I know I have said things that I have no place saying.. but when it is time and time again that people back stab, repeat my "secrets", or go behind my back.. How the hell am I supposed to trust people.

I'm SO sick of people telling me to learn to trust.
When people repeatedly try to drill into my head that "if i trusted more, I'd be happier" 
as soon as you can show me someone that is trustworthy, I will. 
Pinky promise.

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