Sunday, August 26, 2012

some summer self discovery.

I've come to learn more about myself this summer than any time in my life.
It is such an interesting thing to discover new things about yourself.
You figure that you are you, and there isn't much more to it.
But to truly learn what your heart thrives on,
to learn what makes your mouth smile,
to discover what gives you a natural high..
it's incredible.

I've learned that I love the outdoors,
of course I already knew that.. but I have found out that if I want or need peace and comfort,
I can go for a walk, go hiking, go to the nearest river.. anything outside and I can find peace. 
I've always wanted to be a hippie, so I guess that makes sense. 

I've learned that I have a big heart.
This was hard for me to learn, because I have a big heart, and truly have a love for people, and helping..
I've realized that not everyone feels the same way.
No matter how good of a friend I am, doesn't guarantee me any friendship in return. 
That's tough for me.
Everyone wants to be loved, and I'm in no way saying I'm not.. I've just learned that I love deeply. 

I've learned that I'm a lone ranger.
I'll tell you what, I am completely fine with that. 
I have gone on many adventures this summer, and majority of them have been by myself.
Whether it be hikes, trips to sundance, drives, movie nights, baking, anything.. I am fine with doing them on my own. 
I'm learning to be okay with myself. 
I'm learning that I am good enough.
I'm learning that I have to believe in myself.
I'm learning to be okay.

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