Sunday, August 26, 2012

mind you, I have not a clue what love is.

No matter how relationships end,
you can rarely be left feeling okay. 
The heartache, sadness, confusion, hurt, what ever the feelings are,
there is something now missing from your life.
A piece of you that won't be given back.
I think that is what makes love so scary.
You are changed, and will never be who you previously were. 
When things end, you aren't given back the time that you were using.
Your life doesn't go back to how it use to be.
For me, I've realized how scared I am of trusting people, or letting myself love, because people leave so quickly. 
There isn't anything you can do to get that back. 
You can't go back.

I've been cold to people, I've resisted letting them in, I've done everything in my power to make sure I don't get hurt..
but why?
Yes, break ups suck.
Yes, the memories, heartache, this and that, it all sucks. 
but I can't go on with my life in fear of being hurt. 

To love and be loved in return.
It makes you feel whole.
To wake up knowing that someone cares about you.
Why would anyone want to resist that feeling?

It is tough, 
tough to let myself offer that place in my heart to anyone,
But I'll tell you what, 
I am happy.
To know that I love someone, literally with my entire heart, 
whether it works out or not...
I don't care.
Cause no one can take the feelings I have right now away from me.

Love is an incredible thing,
and I regret resisting it...
Despite the hurt that may come. 

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