Saturday, September 29, 2012

my heart is already there.

I got a package from OSSO today that sent me more information, a sweat shirt, and a dvd.
I was so stoked, but didn't watch the dvd till a minute ago.. and I kid you not I am bawling.
I can't even explain to you how many different feelings I have right now.
I am heartbroken, and motivated beyond measure.. all in one.
The end of the movie it had pictures of some of the children.. and it crushed me.
I can not even begin to comprehend how so many parents just don't want their child.
I know that different circumstances apply to people, and things like that are so different here in the US..
but just knowing how common it is there.
How could you look at those big, brown, eyes, and not want to love him/her with your entire heart?
How could you not want to teach them to grow to their fullest potential?
How could you not want to hold them close each and every second, and let them know that you love them?
I can not begin to explain how ready I am to be out there.
I want these children to know they are loved.
I haven't always had the strongest support system, but when I think about it.. 
at least I had one at all.
I am going to be these little guys cheerleader every second I am there.
I already love them.
My heart is already with them.
I can not wait to meet them.
Sixty more days. 
I can do this. 

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