Wednesday, November 21, 2012

liebster award duh.

I was nominated by miss Cassidy Amy for this little award.
This award is given to blogs who have less than 200 followers. It's a great way to amplify your blogosphere with bloggers who are starting out and looking to get a name for themselves! here are the rules:  
>>must list 11 things about yourself<<
>>answer 11 questions nominee made for you<<
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1. I'm a twitter-holic. 
I'm not sure what got into me.. but it is bad. Last year, I would make fun of Arthur SO much for constantly being on twitter. I thought it was dumbest thing ever, but here I am.. 
Twitter addict, and well aware of it. 
But it's just so entertaining. 
So if you don't have a twitter, get one. 
It will get through your long days at work, or just give you something to laugh at. 
It's great. 

2.  I hate flying. 
I hate heights.. so me floating along, flippin high in the sky.
no beuno.

3. Dried mango, best thing that ever happened to me.

4. I'm beyond lazy when it comes to my hair.. 
I cannot remember the last time I blow dryed, straightened, or curled it.
I get out of the shower, let it air dry.

5. I absolutely love my job. 
My last day until I get back from Ecuador was yesterday, and I was so sad.
I work with the funniest people, ever.

6. I wish I had  a good singing voice.. haha like more than anything.

7. I'm totally cool with staying home, not seeing people all weekend.
I'm not always the biggest people person haha..

8.I can't get rid of old dance clothes.. 
Even if they are worn out, too small, or somehow ruined..
I can't. Those things are worth gold to me.
Each item holds very distinct memories that I will forever cherish. 

9. I can't keep my room clean.
I love, love, love it being clean.. but I can't keep it clean to save my life.
My parents  hate that about me.

10. I dream of going to school at Hogwarts.
It's a problem.

11. I love homemade things. 
Things with thought put into them are so much better than manufactured shiz. ha.
1. If you could do anything and money was no matter, what would you do?
That is an extremely hard question for me... obviously the trending answer of doing humanitarian work and things like that are awesome.. and I would love to do that. But if I were to choose something that was more for me (selfish ha) it would probably be to move out of the country and go to school. I love to learn, and have a deep desire to do so. I wish college wasn't so darn expensive. But seriously, how awesome would it be to go to school in Europe? ah. my dream. 

2. What is your favorite memory?
Okay, this is tough. haha goodness.
But I have two that instantly came to mind,
The first was when I was probably ten or so. My grandma invited me and my cousin Mandy to spend the night over at her house (right next door to me haha) but it was like the biggest deal ever. I was ecstatic. We went over and we got to sleep on the patio! My dream. So she got the pull out bed all ready for us, and we got to use these green and yellow floral blankets. We got in the cozy bed, and she brought out those felt coloring board things.. Heaven. Pure bliss right there. We got to sit and color in bed and just hang out with our grandma.. and I will never forget that. Love that lady.
The second would be my jr. year.. back at dance. I had taken a year off due to injuries, and I was so so so nervous to tryout again. I wanted to be on senior company more than anything.. and I made it. Throughout the year we got split into ballet levels. I was put in ballet two, with about half of my team, where as the other five or so were put in ballet three. Ladies and gentlemen, I worked myself harder than I have in my entire life. We would have our tests in December, and it was almost an audition to see if you would be moved up or stay in your level, to learn the spring pieces. Every single day in ballet I was beyond focused. The day came where the results were posted.. and I was one of two girls to move up. I wanted to fall to the ground bawling. I have NEVER in my life been more proud. Hard work truly pays off.

3. Who has made the biggest impact on who you are today?
Another hard question.. haha these are making me think for sure. 
To generalize it I will say my family.
We are all such different people haha.. it's funny that we came from the same family.
But each one of my siblings, and both of my parents have taught me so much.
I love them all, and they have been amazing examples to me.

4. If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?
J.K. Rowling. 
Simply because she is a magical genius.

5. Favorite holiday
Christmas for sure. 
I would say thanksgiving because I do enjoy the thankfulness that goes around at that time.. but I hate thanksgiving food. 

6. Favorite movie
The Grinch, Harry Potter, Bridesmaids, Freedom Writers.

7. Who is your biggest role model?
I have several names that come to mind.. but I think someone that I haven't talked about is my cousin Ellery.
I have looked up to her for as long as I can remember. She is a breathtaking dancer, and is the best mom to her little Ellie. She is like the cute crafty girl that everyone wishes they were. She makes gourmet food.. like healthy, yummy.. She is so supportive, and has been such a good listener to me. She is gorgeous for real. But the like true beauty.. the kind that radiates. She is the girl everyone wants to be around, and wants to be more like. She is incredible. Love, love, her. 

8. Where is the best vacation location?
Somewhere I want to vacation, is Spain. The culture there is incredible. 
But somewhere I have been before that I love is Yellowstone. My family goes there so much, but seriously it has my heart. I love nature.. and that is all it is. The town is so little, everyone waves, everyone smiles.. everyone is so down to earth. I absolutely love it.

9. What goals do you have for the next year?
Uhm.. lets see. I leave to Ecuador next week, I'll get back in mid February.. I will then work, and am crossing my fingers that I will move to Moab in May with Miss Tiff. From there I'll work until August.. Then I'm hoping I can go to school! I haven't decided where yet, but SUU, or Utah State are taking the lead. Then just go to school! What I really want to do is go backpacking through Europe, but I think that will have to be put off until the following summer. 

10. What were you like in high school?
ha... oh man. 
I woke up late every morning. Went to school with soaking wet hair, from my shower I took about ten minutes before I got there. I rarely went to class. I didn't have a full schedule so I was rarely there, as is. I was on the dance company.. that was probably the only part of high school I enjoyed. People thought I was rude. I was known for looking like "I was going to kill someone" when I walked in the hall, and was told that several times. HA. People don't understand that I really am shy. Obviously not once I get to know people.. but at first it is really hard for me to make conversation. I usually stick to myself. I wasn't looking to have people like me, and had no desire to impress people. I was who I was.. and that is all I wanted. I'd like to say I was "Misunderstood" haha... which sounds really gay, but seriously. I wasn't given a chance by very many people, because they just assumed I was rude. I have been told by a bunch of people things like "I assumed you were going to be rude so I didn't want to try to talk to you." It was hard to hear at first.. but now I'm okay with it. You don't have to fit the typical high school criteria. You don't have to go out every weekend. You can have bad days. You don't have to be popular. The only thing you have to be, is yourself. 

11. What makes you happy?
At this very moment, Reading. John Mayer. Pinterest. Quotes. Lunch with best friends. Learning. Christmas lights. Having a big extended family, and seeing them often. Greys Anatomy. Being able to love, and have faith. Belting my heart out while driving. And last but not least.. the fact that a week from tomorrow I will be in Ecuador.. ahhh.

Okay.. so I feel like a lot of people have been tagged... but here are eleven, regardless if they have or not.

have fun.. luhhyouall.


  1. Old dance clothes CAN'T be gotten rid of. Ever. Even if they just sit in a box in the closet when you are 46 years old, they will still speak clearly to you when you see them or touch them. You will always remember the aches and pains and triumphs that you earned while wearing holes in your dance shoes.