Monday, November 12, 2012

scatterbrained, with a pretty big wish.

This weekend I attended a farewell, and after the meeting was over, a girl I  rarely talk to, came up and started a rather unexpected conversation. We had mutual friends, but were certainly never close. She proceeded to tell me that one of our mutual friends had told her that he was going to come home from his mission, if I didn't write him back...... pardon my rudeness, but I wanted to laugh. That was beyond ridiculous, and I thought to myself, "he should NOT be waiting for my letters while he is out serving." I was bothered to say the least. She also mentioned that this boy was really mad and "hurt" that I had become so close to one of his best friends. That, "that wasn't fair to him, because he 'loved' me.." She then asked, if me and the friend were or had ever been dating, because she had heard that from numerous people. That wasn't the first time I had been asked that either..  

Now I am not posting this to sound conceited in any way... because that is not the case at all. I wasn't flattered by what was said, I was actually completely bugged that I was put in a position that made me responsible for this boys success on his mission.. 
But I am writing this because I want to touch on the friendship his best friend and I have... Because the boy on the mission will never understand why I had "chosen" to become better friends with his friend. 

I know I have mentioned him before, but I'd like to again.
Arthur is truly the best friend I could ever ask for. I laugh when people ask if we dated, or are now... but then I get a little bugged..  I wish more than anything that the world we live in could believe in friendships. In deep, friendships. Arthur has literally been the ultimate best friend. He sacrificed his time, support, love, and kindness, every minute of every day for me. He was there when I didn't want to talk to anyone, because he knew I wasn't strong enough to be alone. He would sit and listen to every problem I ever had. He would meet me in the church parking lot and wait for me to stop crying to tell me that everything is going to be alright. He would go on hikes with me when ever I asked because he knew I needed to clear my head. He would drive me crazy, and yell back at me when I would yell at him. He would do dumb little dances to piss me off, because he knew I secretly was laughing my head off. He would constantly tell me how much he valued me as a person. He would send me flowers for no reason, at least once a month, if not more. He would show up at my house when I told him to leave me alone.. because he knew I needed a friend. He would take me on motorcycle rides, because he knew I loved them more than anything. He would give me space when he knew I truly needed it. He would help me with my ceramics.... because I struggled big time. He shared an unwavering love for lana del rey, john mayer, bon iver, and more importantly Harry Potter. He would be spontaneous with me. If I said "lets run through those sprinklers," he was already half way there. He loves my family.. and would play dumb games like mall madness with my sister and I. He is my biggest supporter. He would remind me of the things that I knew I should be doing, but I was slacking on. He is the biggest influence and best example I have in my life. He is the most dedicated missionary I know. He has the strongest, most unwavering beliefs, I have seen in someone his age. 

This is an incredible kid.. and I love him with my entire heart.
I wish people could understand just being friends..
That yes he would send me flowers, and yes we would hang out every day.. but that doesn't mean we had to be together. 

That is how all friendship should be. 
Giving your all... not for a gain of a boyfriend or girlfriend..
but because true friendship matters. 
That it isn't for a gain of "friends with benefits" or what others see you as...
but because you simply care for the person, and want the absolute best for them..

That is why I love Arthur with my whole heart..
Because he has taught me what friendship is..
Selfless, looking for no return, friendship.

So to the boy that is threatening to come home because I became better friends with his friend than I was with him... take a step back and think about how ridiculous that sounds. You got mad at me for not kissing you the night before you left.. but if you truly valued me as a person, you would have never put me in that situation. 

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