Thursday, November 8, 2012

as of late.

Life lately;

1. As I was leaving work, heading to the mall yesterday, I told myself.. "You are only to buy what you are going for.." (body wash)  Well ladies and gentlemen.. let me just tell you, I left with more than body wash. I tweeted saying I wish the mall cops would tackle me and kick me out when they saw me.. and sadly, I truly mean that. Oh well.. spending a little money here and there won't kill me... (that's me justifying my decision.) ha.

2. People. I leave in three weeks. THREE FLIPPING WEEKS. I'm stressing, but am beyond ready for this adventure. I cannot wait to be in Ecuador. 

3. Vampire Diaries has taken a hold of my life and completely compelled me (haha) to not do anything but watch it.. It is slightly embarrassing how quickly I have gotten through 2 and a half seasons of it... and still going strong I might add. But seriously, I want to be a Vampire... 
which makes me even more excited... ONE WEEK AND ONE DAY till breaking dawn. yayyyaaa. I'm freaking out. (and am super jealous of Taryn and Taylor right now. )

4. The little stu sister made the basketball team, and is a team captain!! Seriously so proud of her, and am beyond bummed I'll only get to watch her play two games. But nonetheless she'll kill it all season long. 

5. I can officially say, that the one person I thought would always be there has decided otherwise. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.. feeling like you have to force people to be in your life. Especially someone you are in a relationship with... Do you want to hear the saddest thing? I haven't seen him since last Monday.. which has been the longest we've gone without seeing each other in forever.. but about a month ago he was in Florida.. and that entire week we'd always be like "miss you.." blah blah blah. Well, last night I texted him (which we rarely do anymore) and was joking about how I probably won't see him before I leave.. He replied saying something like "we'll see each other, it has only been a couple days" and I responded telling him that it has been longer than when he was across the country.. and he said "It has not been longer than 8 days... sure doesn't feel like it..." haha.... FML. I'm really glad he cares. This is when I wish people would just be blunt. Tell me if you're done. Tell me if you need a break. Tell me if you care.. cause when you don't, I have to sit here and guess what you are feeling, make a fool out of myself, and try too hard to be apart of your life.. I'm going crazy. For once in my damn life I wish someone would be upfront with me. 

6. But, to end on a positive note.. Bath and Body Works was playing Christmas music yesterday.. and I loved every second of it. 

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  1. we better still be going to lunch before you leave. its happening. call me.