Sunday, January 6, 2013


The time of year comes where I feel the need to write down huge goals, a diet plan, and what I´m going to do to change myself..

But... this year I have yet to do this, because I feel so at peace with where I am..

I don´t feel the need to tell the twitter world how much I hope to weigh... or how many trips I plan to take. 

This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life, and I suppose that is what I will say every year in the future as well.. but that is the best thing I think I could say. I wouldn´t want an easy year.. I am beyond grateful that this year has challenged me.. because I can say that I have grown. I´m grateful I experienced the lows that I did, because the highs are that much sweeter.

At this very moment, I am happy.
Sure there are billions of things going on around me that are nowhere near perfect, or where I wish they would be.. but that doesn´t matter. There is so much I have to be grateful for.. and yes that is such a huge cliche.. but I´m serious. 

I had a couple goals for 2012, one of them being to come to Ecuador.. and another was to become and learn more about myself.. and that is what I feel I have been able to do.

I´m so grateful I have been given another year to learn and grow.. to figure out myself, and love the world I have been given..

So here´s to graduating high school, having my final high school dance concert, going to my last school dance with my best friends, eating way too much del, falling in love with my best friend, watching harry potter constantly, working the hardest I could to be able to come to Ecuador, meeting new friends, planning my future, falling to an all time low, and then pulling myself back up... knowing that what ever is thrown my way, I can handle. 

I can´t wait to see what 2013 brings.. and I can´t wait to discover a little more of who I am meant to be. 

merry happy 2013 peeps. 

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