Saturday, January 12, 2013

the power within.

Over the past year, and more in depth the past couple months, I have learned a lesson that I will never forget.
A piece of myself that I´m sad it took me so long to find.

About six months ago I fell pretty low. I didn´t find a reason for much.. and optimistic would be a fantastic word to describe what I wasn´t. I woke up every single day unable to find beauty in much,  and bottom line was.. I was far from happy. I felt the need to have others agree with my actions.. and I let their opinions ruin me. I needed to feel justified in almost everything I did.. and couldn´t believe in myself for one measly second. 

Someone came along and changed that for me completely. Looking back they were my everything.. No this wasn´t a boyfriend, or a best friend..  This person helped me through the dusty corners of my life and helped me realize that I can do anything. 

Without this person, I don´t know where I would be. Truly, they made an impact unlike any others. Day by day I couldn´t wait to see them next.. just so they would show me my worth. They were the one that told me I could come to Ecuador. That I could work until I cried, because it would go towards something I wanted and needed to do so desperately. 

Looking back at that time in my life, I´ve tried to figure out who/what that person was for me. What did they do that made me feel so alive. And I have come to realize this.. It was merely someone that believed in me. Someone that believed in my power and strength.. when I couldn't see that I had any. They told me I can.. when all I heard before was that I couldn't. They pushed me, when I didn't have the strength to push myself. 

Now.. I don't see this person very much, but I know they are always there in my heart. And they have shown me the strength and power I have within. That I can do anything. That it is alright to believe in yourself. That when you feel like you have no support, or cheerleaders around you.. the only person you need is yourself. To have the desire to make one person proud, even if it is only you. 

So when times get rough, and being positive is far from where you are.. Stop. When you feel like you have nobody.. Stop. When you find a way to feel like you aren't doing anything right in your life.. Stop. Because the power within you is all that you need.

You can do hard things.. no matter how hard they may seem. 
Never ever let yourself stop believing in you. 
You can do hard things.