Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here I am.. Sitting at the Long Beach Airport... Waiting for three o'clock to roll around.. Cause I didn't get on my first flight. I look back at the past seventeen days that I've spent in California and think about how much I've learned. I spent the first week with friends, then the night before we left I decided that I was going to see my brothers.. No matter what. With the help of miss tori ware and her mother, I was able to fly to San Francisco the next morning and spend a week and a half with Cody, Garrett, Theo, and Eddie. Oh.. And don't forget Francis and George. Spontaneous is good... And I will cherish the time I got to spend with them, forever. 

Of the things I've learned from this trip.. The most important would be that if you want to achieve something bad enough, you can! Don't take no for an answer. Though last minute, wanting to see my brothers was the most important thing to me for a moment. I truly believe that the universe will try to make your wishes come true. Like I said, tori helped me out tremendously. I expressed what I wanted, and someone looking out for me sent me what they found. I would hope that if I ever had a connection, or something that you need.. You would ask. If something is mine, consider it yours. I have been blessed through others... So I could only hope that I could be the answer to someone's hope, wish, dream, or goal. Don't hesitate to ask. 
I asked, and my answer was perfect. I got to spend a week and a half making memories that will last forever. 

I am grateful that I am so blessed. 
I have experienced some incredible things and have learned that I can do anything.

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