Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There are depths to love that are magical, incredible, but so beyond me right now. 
but isn't love such an unreal, yet nothing but real, emotion?

Love is my most favorite thing about humans. 
Our capability to love, and be loved. 

I love that we all love differently. 
Our souls aren't trained to love the same things.
He loves brown haired girls, you love brussel sprouts, I love reading.
And it is possible for the three of us to not have the same love for the things the others may. 
We are attracted to different personalities, different looks, different styles, different tastes, 
different everything.

Isn't that incredible?
I can't stop thinking about this..
It began when a girl walked into my store.. and rudely, I thought to myself 
"That's a really... interesting... shirt that lady has on."
Then I proceeded to think.. "What if that is her most favorite shirt she has ever owned... What if she has dreamed about buying a shirt like that for ages, and then one day found it.. maybe it makes her feel like a million bucks." At that point I was so happy for her, that she was different than I, and that she has the capacity and capability to love other things.. (maybe she doesn't even love the shirt.. and I'm reading too far into it. Regardless.. it could be her most favorite thing she owns.)

The happiness in my soul to know that I can love what I love.. and that stranger can love what she loves.. yet we can coexist in this crazy world. I love that... and am so grateful that we have such a freedom. 
Be Love. Love who you want, what you want, how you want.. Just simply LOVE.

Because I believe that love is what will save this crazy world. 


  1. I love your blog. And I love your thoughts. Such depth. Just thought I'd let you know!