Saturday, May 11, 2013

stay awhile.

Here's some honesty.
Some days I get so fed up. So frustrated. So discouraged. So angry with people. Why do we all walk out on each other when we need strength the most. Why do we walk away when things get tough. Why do we leave each other in the dark.. when we are all struggling to see the light. We let friendships dwindle. We slowly fade. We stop answering each others messages.. and then the day comes when you take a step back and think.. "I wonder how so and so is doing" and no matter how hard you try, the friendship is never the same. But we aren't blindsided. We see it coming. We let it happen. We are not victims. We contribute to this discouraging process.. And I hate it. Life long friendships fading left and right. I realize we are all growing up.. but friendship shouldn't be on anyone's terms. We should see when our neighbor is weak, and do everything in our power to lift them up. "You've changed," is no longer an excuse. We have each other because we need each other.. simple as that. So I'm sorry if I've walked out.. I'm sorry if I saw a clean break and took it.. because I need you just as much as you need me. People are blessings.. whether in disguise or plain as day. 
No more backing out. 

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