Thursday, May 16, 2013

my best friend.

Meet the ultimate best friend I could ever, ever, ever, ask for:
The most sarcastic, caring, selfless, craziest, human being.. ever.
Sophomore year I met this insane kid.. and thought just that.. He was insane.
Spent a lot of time hanging out with him because of mutual interests.
He was the person that shut me up when I was wrong.. and the person that would let me cry to him for hours over who knows what. 
He was the kid that had flowers delivered to my house for no apparent reason, and the kid that would go hiking with me.. and let the silence speak for us.
There were times when all I needed to do was talk, and times that all I needed was silence. He was there for all of those.
He let us be friends.. and never let feelings interfere with that.
He was there when I was pathetic and brushed him aside.. and was there the second I called him.
He made sure I was safe, okay, and tried his hardest to make me happy through all the hard times.
He is the best friend I could ever, ever, ask for..
And I mean that.
I am so grateful for his influence on my life.
I am so grateful for him and his decision to spend this time sharing what he loves most with the people of Colorado.
I am grateful that this is a true friendship. 
I can't explain how much I miss this kid.. especially right now.
When hard things happen he is who I want to talk to.
He supports me.. even when he thinks I'm wrong.
He loves me, regardless of my stupidity. 

Missin you Elder Gonzalez..
Thank you for being my best friend. 

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