Monday, July 22, 2013


A passenger on my boat started discussing how different times are now in comparison with the past.. 
When he started out I thought.. well yeah, duh. He proceeded to reminisce on the days when settlers were coming through.. floating down these rivers with Indians on either side, threatening to take their lives. We spoke about how we are doing this for sport.. that it's just all fun and games now, but back then they were literally sacrificing their lives to create better ones. They were searching for new land, new homes, new everything, at such a high risk. They knew what they were getting themselves into.. That there were threats from every angle if you weren't of a certain town or tribe. It didn't matter... they had the courage to endure what ever was thrown at them and risk it all. They wanted a better life. They wanted something more than what they had. They wanted to find happiness... and they were willing to risk everything for that. 
No I don't think we are cowards, but I do thing too much has changed since those times. We settle.. We settle far more often than we push ourselves. If there is risk involved, we shy away. If we don't have every detail worked out, we don't go. The past in America is incredible and I'm grateful I have taken a higher interest in it lately. The more I learn, the more I wish to emulate these traits that majority of the people carried back then. To live so fully that risk takes such a little roll in the plan. To live in a way that I won't settle for anything but happiness.. I hope I never stop. Never settle. Never take for granted this earth. That I never let fear or risk get in the way of my plans. 

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