Sunday, August 4, 2013

my angel here on earth.

I'm back in Orem.. back with my other half. There are many things I have realized are huge blessings in my life, lately. Being able to experience many incredible things.. but I'm sure that one of the biggest blessings in my life, is my sister. I can't explain it. She is my families angel. I will protect her til the day I die. Garrett, Maddie, and I ran to Harmons to grab something for my  mom two nights ago. Maddie volunteered to run in for us, because Garrett and I wanted to avoid seeing anyone we knew. As she walked in I said to Garrett, "Isn't she the cutest." He responded "Yeah, she's definitely done the best out of all of us.." and continued on to say "If anyone hurts her.. I swear I'll freak out. You better tell me if I need to talk some sense into anyone.. no one is going to mess with her." I kind of laughed to myself because about five hours earlier I was crying to my mom, telling her I will protect her with everything I have. Seeing her hurt is the most painful thing. I said.. "they can hurt me as much as they want.. but NO ONE is allowed to hurt my sister." My mom said that some days she'll just lay on her bed with her.. as Maddie is telling her to get off because she's squishing her haha. My mom say's she does it because it makes her feel calm again. I get why my dad will literally do anything for her (haha even though it's so annoying.) I am not kidding when I say she is my heaven on earth. She is the reason I keep going everyday. She carries me through the pain and heartache without even trying. Trails fade when she's around. I know she is going to accomplish such incredible things. She succeeds in all she does, already. Love my sister with every fiber of my being. I'm a better person because of her. love you stu.

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