Saturday, August 17, 2013

paving the way.

A cousin recently asked me if I had the travel bug, after we finished talking about my past year.
I realized that I do have a very strong desire to travel, but more than that, to help.
Going to Ecuador was such a huge blessing. It showed me how much I can help. It paved the way for my future. It taught me that some people aren't blessed with the same things I am. It shatters my heart every time I think of those sweet kids. What their lives will bring.. and the sadness I have when I realize I can't walk with them every step of the way. It expanded my heart to see their lives.. to share a brief three months with them.. and showed me that love is the only universal thing we can share. It taught me that I am more than Orem, Utah. That I can help, everywhere. I told my cousin that if the heartache and need for help was right in front of my eyes here 24/7, I would stay in Orem.. but this world has much more hurt and need for love elsewhere. I can't wait for what my future brings.. and I promise to dedicate it to helping where I can. Sharing the love my sweet babies in Quito, taught me. 
God be with those that are alone. 

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