Monday, November 25, 2013

returning home.

As I make preparations to return to Ecuador, I have experienced quite the emotional roller coaster. Aside from the inevitable stress, my heart is full. I have had this nagging feeling since I returned last year, that there is more work to be done there. There is more my heart needs to learn. It has been tough for me to realize that when I return, a lot of my kids from last year won't be there. Majority of these kids have been moved into different locations to be taken care of by different workers. I am sad to know that it won't be the same as last year; different volunteers, different children, different workers. I worry that it might be different, that I won't love it as much. Those thoughts quickly fade, as I remember how easy it was to love these children last time. I wish more than anything that my babies from last year would be with me, along with more children to love. My prayer each and every day is that the kids that were given families are safe. I wish I would have been able to stay by there side every day for the rest of forever. I guess that is why I have been more open to trust.. because all I can do is hope, pray, and trust that these kids will be okay.

I've created a blog to help me get back to Ecuador. Check it out HERE

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  1. Annie! You're going back??? OH MY! When? I'm so excited for you!!! (and totally jealous)