Sunday, January 5, 2014

choosing greatness.

Most nights I end up in my room, racking my brain for something, anything. I'm searching for some idea, thought, something I can do to change the world. Maybe the world is a huge goal, so I'll have to start with my world. I have this huge fear of raising children in this world. I am scared that they will see and become too familiar with the heartache the world holds. I am scared of the world I see, that seems so ready to rob our futures of any goals, hopes, and dreams. I get incredibly inspired by changes that I want to make, when it seems as though they are shot down because there aren't enough of us willing to make the change. I know we all have these hopes and dreams to be better, do more, and leave this world better than we found it.. but why does it stop there? Why do these thoughts get shot down so quickly? There are so many inspired, kind, loving, giving, people in my life. I get emotional when I think about how blessed I have been when it comes to the people and influences in my life.. If this is the case, I guess all I can ask is that we join hands and change what we don't like. That we no longer stand to the side, as cowards would. I hear things regarding how full of hate, egotistical, ungrateful, and cruel the world is, daily. How "these times." this and that. The fault isn't all ours, but I think that we stand aside and comment about how awful it is, more than we stand up and quit accepting these things. It is so much easier to choose to be blind to these things, than to do your part to make a change. I've made a promise to myself tonight to no longer be okay with the things I hate about this world.. No, unfortunately that promise to myself won't instantly change the world.. but I know that if the only difference I make is for myself and my future children, then that is enough. I'd ask you to consider doing the same in your life. If the thought of someone being without a home makes you feel something.. anything.. what can you do? If your heart aches for a family going through a rough time, what can you do? If you wish something was different, what's stopping you from changing it? I think our generation can achieve greatness if we choose to. If we lose the excuse that "I am only one person," cause that is a stupid excuse. If you want something, work for it. If you are inspired to help, do it. If you are sick of seeing the heartache that surrounds us from day to day, what are you going to do? Because the world sure as hell isn't changing itself. 

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