Saturday, September 15, 2012

anchor yourself.

Today I woke up bright and early and headed to Strawberry Lake with my dad, grandpa, and sister. 
Beside the fact that it was much too early, and much too cold, I had tons of fun. 
It is always funny for me to be around my grandpa and my dad at the same time. 
They are literally the same person.
They say the same phrases for every occasion, react similar to all situations, and have the biggest, most stubborn hearts imaginable. 
But that isn't necessarily what I wanted to write about..
On our boat we have a fish finder, so we always know where we want to be, from the annoying beeps going off. 
When we seem to have found where the most fish are, at the right depth, we anchor the boat.. as any fisherman would. 
We have two anchors; one for the front, and one for the back. 
After awhile of waiting, we still didn't have a bite. 
I'm not sure if the fish finder was messing with us, or if something else was wrong, but we just weren't catching anything. 
My dad decided we were going to move locations, so he retrieved the front anchor. 
My grandpa was taking a little longer to real his poles in, but I noticed something very quickly. 
Though there was the second anchor in the back, the boat began to spin and move noticeably fast. 

What an amazing lesson I learned today. 
If we aren't fully anchored in our goals, beliefs, dreams and aspirations, we will move. 
Our path will be altered. 
We won't be held steady, and unwavering.
If you truly believe in something, believe it with your whole heart. 
Believe it enough to drop two anchors, and not remove one when doubt, fear, or confusion come near. 
Use your darn fish finder and find where your beliefs are more plentiful. 
Where it seems more beneficial for you. 
Keep your line out and do everything you can to make things happen. 
Have patience. 
Drop both your anchors; your mind and your heart. 
And when the time comes that makes it seem like it isn't worth it, and you're ready to move on. 
Keep going. Keep trying your very hardest. Keep believing. 
No matter what. 
Because the fish finder is right, there were fish down there.. 
You just had to be patient enough to catch one. 

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