Wednesday, October 10, 2012

you don't know me like you think you do.

I'm Annie. My real name is Annika. I would go by it everywhere I went, if people could pronounce it. They never say Annika. They say Awhhnika or Anneeeka. My family calls me Annika though, especially my brothers. I don't think they ever call me Annie.
 I have danced since I was little, and will always have a special  place in my heart for dance and music. It has kept me grounded and will always be my outlet. My family loves John Mayer, and I think I would go into permanent shock if I ever met him. I love my family. We all have very different views of the world, but I would be nowhere without them. I feel like I have taken a piece of each of them, and created myself using them. My sister is and always will be my ultimate best friend. She has been my angel.. and kept me going, through all the tough times. 
I love baseball. The braves are my team, and I am devastated that Chipper Jones is done playing. He will always be my favorite player. I could and will watch The Grinch, and Harry Potter, every night for the rest of my life. I can quote The Grinch word for word.. and Harry Potter makes me feel magical. Oh the things I would do to be a wizard. Love magic. I watch so you think you can dance, new girl, and pretty little liars. I just started pll.. and I'm freaking out. Who the hell is A? I have three birds. Lily, Newton, and.... Pretty Bird. (my grandma named her.. haha) Pretty bird is special.. and flies into the walls. Newton is the genius of the family.. You tell him its bath time and he'll fly over to your shoulder and wait for you to fill up his bath, no joke. Lily is the attention seeker of the family.. she'll do anything to get food, get you to pet her, or just simply watch her. She's quite the dancer as well. I grew up listening to crazy train, ac/dc, and prince. My dad plays the guitar and is so sick at it. He can figure out any song.. for instance the other night he figured out Party Rock Anthem.. (one of his favorite songs haha.) My mom can sing like nobody's business. 
I have issues with numbers. If I set an alarm it must end in a 1,3, or 7. The tv volume can never be on an odd number. I want four children, but I don't like that four is even.. so I'm considering three. I know once I have kids I'll think three is a lot.. but right now it seems little.. But five is too many.. so I might have to get over my fear of four. Who knows.
 I have a nightly routine and it hasn't changed in years. It includes checking to make sure my window is locked.. even though I've never unlocked it. I'm ocd. I have worked at the same place for a year and a half.. and love it. My boss and coworkers are seriously the most entertaining people, ever. I love deeply. There is plenty of people that have hurt me, but that I could never love any less than with my entire heart. I am scared of love for that reason.. the fact that I could love fully but be hurt in return. I hope to someday be proved wrong.. that someone will love me as much as I love them, forever. 
My feet are different sizes. I love the color purple. I love English, and baking. My hair is three feet long, and I haven't cut it in over a year and a half. I laugh when people say your hair grows faster if you trim it often. I plan to attend college next fall.. but have no idea where. I would say that I am currently in love. I belong in the mountains. I love caramel macadamia nut clusters from costco, and iced white mocha's. I love twitter, instagram, and pinterest. I wake up every night at three am and sit there. I have to take muscle relaxers to be able to sleep. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Spain. I love Yellowstone with all of my heart, and could get myself wherever I needed to, there. I dream of working for National Geographic. I love Halloween, along with watching Hocus Pocus, and Halloweentown. I love socks and journals. I literally cannot resist buying them. I have over thirty empty journals, that I plan to fill someday. 
Most days I feel misunderstood.. but I don't really mind. I don't expect people to understand my brain, because half the time I don't.. but there's a few things about me.. that give you an idea of who I am. 

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