Sunday, October 14, 2012

you want to know what's on my mind?

alright, here it is.
the fact that the best friend I could ever be blessed with, is leaving soon.
That there is a possibility that he'll leave before I get back from Ecuador.
Which means goodbye could come in 45 short days. 
Don't get me wrong, I know a mission is for him.. and I'm so happy for him.. truly.
But this sucks. 
You know when you feel like you have nobody.. that you are absolutely alone, with not a soul to turn to?
Well that's where I was, when he walked in.
He has become the ultimate best friend I could ever ask for. 
Seriously a miracle.
Of course he has been there for majority of my growing up years, but not like this.
He is a blessing I could never say thank you enough for.
I know he's going to be a killer missionary..
but ahh.
I'm freaking out people. 

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