Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sometimes.. taking care of twenty five kids under the age of 3 makes me want to cry..

Sometimes.. you change a kid, and then smell something twenty minutes later.. and you tell yourself  "No.. it couldn't be.. I just changed them." But don't doubt them.. it sure can be, and most likely is. 
Sometimes you put them in a really cute outfit, and then end up changing them 20 minutes later, because that adorable outfit is now covered in yogurt.
Sometimes you wipe their nose.. go throw away the tissue.. turn back around, and bam. Time for a wipe again.
Sometimes you feed them.. and more of it goes on them, than in their mouth.
Sometimes you seriously wonder if they think "no" means "please do it again, cause I thought it was so cute the first time."

Sometimes I wonder if I ever want kids.

Alright so that last one was dramatic.. but really props to parents.. raising children isn't always that fun haha. Although every single day I think to myself. "for real.. another diaper?" There are those moments that they do something cute and it makes it all worth it.

For instance, 
When you try to get them to say "por favor" and it comes out "bor bah orr"
Hearing them say "olaahh" (hola) and "daoow" (chao) or "awaaa" (agua)
Seeing them right when they wake up, and the priceless smiles they have.. whether they are covered in snot or not.
And the way the copy every little thing.. my favorite being kissy faces.

There are the little things that remind me every single day that I love these kids so much. Regardless the number of times I have to change them. :)

They are such a blessing to me, and I'm so lucky I get to spend time with them.

Love these little guys. 

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