Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is not intended to offend anyone, just how I'm feeling lately.

I feel like everyone I'm around, friends with on facebook, or any social media for that matter, or hear about is trying to PROVE THEMSELVES to everyone.

It bugs me so bad. Like people can't function without telling everyone they are inspirational. Do not get me wrong, I think in moderation this is a great thing.. but every post that is being made is proclaiming to everyone.. I AM ______. Why, why, why? Why can't we let ourselves be some what of a mystery. Why can't we let people find out what we are. Why can't we show by our ACTIONS what we are. If you are constantly telling people what you are, they believe it, because of your consistent, unnecessary words. Rather, they should find out who you are, through watching your actions and getting to know you. 

I like to tell people things about myself, yes... But more along the lines of "I love to travel," "I am a dancer," and so forth.. 

Not I am this, this, that, that, this, and that. 

Let yourself be a mystery.
Let people have to get to know you.
Stop feeling like you have to prove yourself to everyone.
Stop forcing what you are to everyone.
No, not everyone has to know every detail about yourself. 

be okay with yourself.. be comfortable in your skin, to the point that you are confident, and able to just simply BE who you are, and know that those around you will be able to tell once they are around you. 

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