Wednesday, April 3, 2013

my favorite six months.

this month.. on April 29th.. it'll mark the "my favorite six months of my life," this far.

November 29th 2012, I left for Quito, Ecuador.. which is where part of me still is. My heart will forever be there with my kids. I spent some of the hardest, best, times there.. and I want to be back there.. now, more than anything.

I arrived home three short months later; February 19th.

The next 18 days that followed, I got reacquainted with all the foods and places I missed dearly. 
I spent time with my family.. and was surprisingly glad to be back in Orem, Utah.

March 10th 2013 I got up at 4 am and headed to California with three other girls. I know I've mentioned my time spent in California.. but here it is again. I spent a week doing absolutely nothing.. but loving it. Newport beach is where you would find us, laying in the sun.. experiencing complete bliss. Whether it was pool side or beach side, we were loving life. The trip was coming to an end.. but I didn't want to let that happen. The night before we were leaving, I saw what I could do.. to try and make it so I could go visit my brothers, Theo, and Eddie. One short hour later, I had my plane ticket booked for the following morning. I arrived in San Francisco.. and was picked up by my brother.. and spent the next week and a half enjoying the company of four of my favorite people in the world. Enjoying dinner at the local brewery, and being able to see the store my brother's manage, I was loving life. Watching way too much how I met your mother, and seeing all the sights. I wasn't sure when my trip would end.. but every day I woke up and found out it wasn't that day, I became even more grateful. This was the life. I decided it was time I better think about getting home.. seeing as the following week I would be moving to Moab. 

I returned home after my 17 perfect days in Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Concord, California.

I got home the night of the 26th, slept in my very missed bed.. and woke up the next morning to a call from my dad. He told me to pack up quick cause we were headed for Wyoming. It was a short two day trip, but I'm grateful I got to visit one of my all time favorite places before I head out for Moab.

Here I am, after being home for less than a week.. thinking, I have done exactly what I said I would. I have pushed myself further than I thought possible. I have spent the last six months living MY life, how I have DREAMED of. I am coming up on my first year of being graduated. I am proud of myself. I wish more than anything that people realized this great thing.. You can do anything you dream of. I am such a firm believer in that. If you want it, do it! 

I am two days away from moving to Moab, Utah. I cannot explain the excitement I have, for what this summer will bring. I get to spend it with one of my best friends, learning, loving, and growing. I don't know when I'm coming back, and I think that is the best part. I get to spend this summer doing what I know will help me become more ME. 

I am proud of what I've accomplished the past six months. I know that they have set the way of what my life will be like. I hope to be on the move. I hope to live without worries, as much as I possibly can. I hope to be a free spirit for the rest of my life. I hope to learn and grow, and experience this crazy world we've been blessed with.

 I hope to believe in myself, always. I hope to live life they way I've hoped and dreamed of.. forever. 


  1. YES YES YES YES!!!!! YAY. You are amazing. I am so glad you have been living your dream; and so so excited to include you all summer in mine! Loved this post.

  2. Hi, you are amazing. Sometimes I wish I could take off like this, but honest and true, I love school too much. #nerdstatus #school4lyf

    But really, I think you are incredible for making your life yours in the ways you love most. I'm highly inspired whenever I read your blog. Thought you should know.

    Plus also: the italics font is, like, a really really nice touch. That's not a joke.