Monday, April 1, 2013


Here's the problem;

I used to be okay with people judging me, acting like they knew me, or why I act the way I do...
I used to be okay with people meeting me and saying "wow I used to think you were a brat"
I used to be okay with people basing who I was off of who I was friends with.. or who I used to associate with.
One time in young women's our leader was saying things about each one of us, graduating girls, in front of the rest of the girls. I stood there anxiously waiting to hear what one of my favorite leaders had to say about me.
She had moved in about six months before and I looked up to her tremendously.
I swear to you, this is what she said;
"I'm sure glad I gave Annie a chance. I assumed she was a certain way.. but she sure proved me wrong. I didn't see that coming."

Tears filled my eyes and I turned bright red.
My sister and I kind of laughed about it after... cause it wasn't the first time I had heard words along those lines.
I was so embarrassed.. and I don't get embarrassed often.

Most of the time I can say "I don't care what people think of me" because I don't. 
It is so easy for me to say it doesn't matter what they think..
cause at the end of the day I really don't care what these people think of me.

But the problem is, 

There isn't one person on this earth that deserves to be judged. 
Whether it be based upon how someone acted in high school, what others have to say about them, what you have only heard.. never seen, how they are quiet so you automatically assume they are rude... what ever.

Here's some advice.

No. I'm not the person I was in high school... but thank you for proving to me that you are still stuck in that childish mindset. 

You are NOT entitled to judge me based upon what you have merely heard.
You CANNOT define me.

You don't get to spread rumors about me.
You don't get to tell people who I am.. because you don't know.

Give me a freaking break.
I am so so so so sick of people thinking they know someone.

So leave what you heard at the door. Leave what you saw me like in the past. Get rid of thinking because I'm quiet, or don't open up to people the second I meet them, that I am this big, bad, bitch. Stop assuming you know me based on who I used to be or hang out with. 

Give people a chance.
Let me show you who I am. Let me tell you about what I've found out about myself over the past years. Let me talk to you about what I've done since you last saw me, rushing from class to class. Let me show you that you and your assumptions are wrong. Let me teach you that you can't judge people for the rest of their lives, by how they were in high school. 

You don't get to tell me what you think of me based on what you've heard, anymore.

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