Saturday, April 20, 2013

the outdoors has my heart.

Today was my day off. 

Let the hallelujahs begin.... now. 
I started off my morning by heading to Monticello to hang out for the day. 

I got distracted when I saw a sign for a petting zoo. 

Which was a great thing.. cause I saw this cool stuff...

(Don't mind this blank space.. I'm not very blog-ucated.. and can't fix it.) 

Spent some time down that way.. Then flipped back around and headed up Potash. 
Hung out, did some journal writing, sun salutations, and wrote Elder Gonzalez.  

Ha... yes my self timer and I spent some quality time together today. 

Unreal, right?
Well.. then I got to spend what seemed to be the longest seconds of my life in this... lovely.. building.
(insert watering eyes, and a nose plug here.) 

After that memorable pit stop.. I headed up to do some hiking. 
Got to see some Dino Prints, and some Anasazi pictographs (that won't load for some reason.) Couldn't find the trail back.. so I ended up sitting down and sliding the whole way down. 
Ripped shorts, Check.  

Bottom line.. I loved today. 

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