Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my thoughts about our crazy selves.

often times the deepest of words go the most unspoken. 
our futures, our fears, the very things our souls ache for..
we repeat them time and time again to ourselves.. but there, 
there they stop.
we have this irrational fear that we are the only ones thinking these things.
that no one.. no one, could be crazy enough to think these things, other than ourselves.

so let us speak freely of our fears. 
of what shakes our soul, what terrifies us, what stops us in our place.
of the things that make us feel peace, of the moon and the stars, of this world.
of death, of magic, of our future families, of the people that we have lost that we miss every single day.

let us no longer be scared that we are the only crazy ones feeling this way.
cause often times when i open up and speak of these far-fetched things.. 
the listener finally finds someone who is as crazy as themselves.

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