Friday, September 13, 2013


Having kids isn't in my near future, though I often have thoughts about my children.
I can't wait to meet them.. and love them as much or more than my heart can handle. 
Though there is much excitement, having children seems like the most frightening choice you could make in life. The fact that someday I won't be able to protect them. That I can't like.. lock them in my home forever.. you know? Kind of freaky. That they are going to one day leave home and all I will have is hope that I taught them properly, supported them, and hopefully created a relationship they never want to lose. 
But to know that this world is CRAZY. There is so much heartache and confusion. I hate it. I think of how it is now.. and to know that things will just get crazier; it's terrifying. Yes confusion teaches everyone, but somehow I wish I could protect them from the sadness. Future kids, you're freaking me out.

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