Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my proposal.

This past week I was able to purpose an idea that I was beyond passionate about. It took more time and effort than I thought it would, to get it worded exactly the way I wanted it. Fortunately for me, the individual I purposed it to didn't just shut me out. He didn't say yes immediately  either. He asked for more details, more thoughts, more on how I would execute my plan. I was relieved that I wasn't turned away instantly. It's scary purposing ideas that hold part of your heart. To be passionate about something and cross your fingers that someone will listen. Well it has taken me a week to be able to reply with more thoughts and ideas. I keep wondering why it took me so long. I think that when we share part of our hearts desires with others, it's terrifying. You cross all your fingers and all your toes (I literally did that.. ha) in hopes that they will hear you out, and that just maybe their heart says, "yeah I like the way she thinks." Though it was scary, and I was scared to be shut down.. it was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had in awhile. Though sometimes it feels as though no one is listening, someone is. Your ideas, thoughts, dreams, they matter. You matter and can make changes where you see fit. It might not come easy and you may have to think way outside of the box.. but this world wants and needs desperately, for people that want to make a difference. Never give up on your dreams, even if they seem too big. You can influence the world for better, I promise. 

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