Wednesday, September 18, 2013

my social media rampage.

You know, lately I've found a lot of peace and positive vibes in my life.. but tonight someone said something that shook up a lot of feelings that I have shoved into a dusty, rarely visited corner of my life. So instead of writing some blog post with hidden meaning and hate behind it all, that no one really understands why I'm so mad.. I've decided to be up front with everyone.. because I am SICK AND TIRED of people acting like being rude for no reason is okay. I really don't care if anyone agrees with anything I have to say, because maybe I'm just writing this in hopes that the people that say things like this can read it and realize that it isn't okay. 

So I'm going to go ahead at start a list of things that I think are bull shit.
1. The fact that people worship instagram famous, twitter famous, freaking social media famous individuals. I'm so sorry, but if you are honestly friends with someone because their picture gets 201908 likes.. get over yourself. What does that make them? Do they become any smarter, more loving, a person with depth that wants to hear your hopes and dreams? Is that what it means when their "likes" get past 100. Do they become more of a person after a certain number? That doesn't  make them anything different than someone that gets 2. So stop. Stop becoming friends with someone because it looks cool.. And shoot you may even gain a follower because they mentioned you in a tweet. Love people for who they are and who you know them to be. It's sad that I have friends that I love so much, that surround themselves with people that make them look good on social media. Ones that have honestly shut me out because they have found their "social media soul mates......" stop. 
2. Stop saying things about people you don't know. For instance, commenting on what someone said or is wearing to your followers. "like omg everyone should see what this girl in my art class is wearing right now.. she's pathetic. HAHA"  HAHA you are not funny.. and are so beyond immature. Stop. Stop making fun of people.. YOU DON'T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT. It seriously is not fair that "the girl in your art class" has this awful reputation because of your social media accounts. Who cares if no one ever knows exactly who she is or if she never even sees it, I really don't care. The fact that you can hide behind your stupid account and say what ever you want about people is ridiculous. Shit.. that girl in your art class doesn't have a twitter and is embarrassing herself right now.. Guess she's less of a person, and you'll have to tweet it to tell everyone. stop!
3. Stop laughing at immaturity. Simple as that. Just because someone is twitter famous.. doesn't mean what ever they say turn into words to worship. No bullying, rude comments, what ever you want to call it.. are funny. Making someone feel like crap for no reason with your "subtweet" isn't funny. At the end of the day.. people know who you are talking about, you know who you are talking about, and the person it was about sure as hell knows you are talking about them. 
4. If you are a church going, God loving, social media preaching person.. then make sure you are that person, always. I realize that yes, I myself am not always perfect, and may have a hard time practicing what I preach.. But in one day I counted seven people that I follow that tweeted some "Believe in God" or "Follow/ trust God" quotes, then proceeded to several hours later, say stupid, immature, "I'm better than everyone" or "I'm glad I walked away from you when I did" tweets. Why does social media put this crown on some of us.. That all of the sudden we are better because people "like" what we say. How cowardly, that because people think our profiles make us look cool.. we can say what ever we want and people will still respect us. That's simply cowardly. 
5. Stop posting things that people want to hear. Social media is becoming a whole crowd of people pleasers.. cause didn't you know.. "getting likes is the only thing that matters in life."
6. My last complaint for tonight is the fact that social media could be the best thing that happened to our generation.. but we are using it for the wrong reasons. We see someone cry out for attention, a friend, anyone or thing.. and nobody does anything about it. Someone posts something about having a hard day and all we do is "like" it. I know that social media is the only way I've been able to find out that my friend is going through a hard time.. and I'm grateful I saw their post/tweet. But honestly when people sit and post things like "I'm glad we aren't friends" or "I bet you wish you had a friend like me" I stop and wonder why? Like.. so we can all feel way worse about ourselves, than we already do. It makes me sick to think the world has lost lives because of things that are said on social media. If people realized how much their stupid tweets and posts effect each other. Yeah.. we're all cool kids.. and we don't care. Bull shit. We all care and even when you think you are just being funny.. you aren't. 

The sad thing is that yes, the examples I've used are things that I have honestly seen and heard, regarding social media. That reflects pretty well on our generation, wouldn't you say? A lot of the things I've typed seem so ridiculous and you might think to yourself "No one says that stuff, she's exaggerating"  but you know what.. people would rather die than live because of social media bullying.. so you know, maybe things like these really are said. 
Yes, I Annie, have posted unacceptable things on twitter, facebook, instagram, vine, blogger, what ever.. I'm sure of it. I have probably been someone that said one of the examples I've used. Tonight I am making it my personal goal to stop.. To stop posting things that will make others feel bad about themselves, question their self worth, or even see me differently. I am making it a goal to be my tweets, posts, pictures, everything. Because if what I'm posting doesn't portray me, why am I posting it?

Social media can be the best thing that ever happened to us.. Sharing our thoughts, letting awesome pictures, videos, quotes, go viral. So why do we more often turn to the negative side of it. I'm sincerely sorry if I have posted hurtful things about you or that you felt were directed towards you. I hope everyone will challenge themselves to use the internet in a positive way that will reflect who you are and aspire to be.