Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Influence Series.

Majority of my thoughts lately have been about the people in my life. Yes, there are those that bring us down, bring drama, and negativity.. but what about those that bring happiness, light, and a bright example, to our lives? How incredibly blessed are we to have people in our lives that make us better. It may be the guy who held the door open for you, or a teacher you had in high school. Regardless of how big or small the example was, it still brings a light into your life that you don't forget. I've decided to start something on my blog that will let me show you guys, the people around me that are incredible influences and people that I admire and aspire to be more like. There are such good people in this world. I want to show people that being a friend to someone can change their life, forever. I have several influences that I still lean on that I haven't talked to for years.. but at some point in my life, they said or did something that changed me forever. I'm calling it The Influence Series. It will be a series of blog posts highlighting people I love, lessons they have taught me, or simply things I admire about them. Some may be familiar faces others you may have never seen before. I will still be posting regular stuff in between but expect to see some new faces and stories up on the blog. We can learn so much from the bright light of others. I love people and am so grateful for the positive influence they have brought to my life... 
Kindness doesn't go unnoticed
Let The Influence Series begin!

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