Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the influence series 4

The Influence Series is a way for me to share my love and thank those that have blessed my life. For more of a description about the series read HERE

During high school I was able to meet an intelligent, sarcastic, incredible girl. One that led by example, and one that was able to take all my jokes and sarcasm. 

Meet Addie.

Addie and I danced together on the our high school's dance team. Not only is she an incredible dancer that your eye is drawn to instantly, she is brilliant. We spent hundreds of hours together and created this out of control, joking, friendship. She took all my stupid jokes but instantly threw them right back at me. Her beliefs are shown not only through her words but her actions. You are instantly uplifted in her presence. She makes everyone feel like they are worth it. I have always admired how important learning is to her. Every year our dance company goes to the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City. As we prepare our dance to compete down there, we have to do a little research, and base our dance of off words Shakespeare has written. I remember our entire team thinking, "alright, so Addie.. you've got this, right?" We all knew that one of her many strengths were academics and more specifically her love for Shakespeare. I recall so many conversations that I felt as though I could be one hundred percent my true self, around her. She didn't judge, laugh, or belittle anyone. She pushed me during high school, to want more for myself.. and still continues to do so. Addie can and will change the world. 

Addie, I'm sorry for all of the jokes I directed towards you for so long..... haha just kidding. I love you though, and know that hearing nice things from me rarely happen, so consider yourself lucky. When I saw that it was your birthday I was reminded what an influence you have been on my life. I miss you, love you, and am grateful I know you! The world needs more intelligent, genuine, and all around funny people, like Addie. 

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