Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the influence series 2

The Influence Series is a way for me to share my love and thank those that have blessed my life. For more of a description about the series read HERE

This summer I encountered so many amazing spirits. Those I worked with and many tourists I got to know, seemed more genuine than I was used to. People were in Moab for a range of reasons, but there was a common quality of pure passion, in most of them. The person that comes to mind when thinking of genuine, passionate, individual is McKenna. 

McKenna is REAL. 

I can't count the days that she made me laugh my head off. She made me feel welcome and capable of everything that would be thrown at me. She listened to me vent, cry, and be a hyper psycho. It didn't take me long to realize that she was different than most. She loves everyone. She is the sassiest girl I've ever met. She doesn't take crap from people. She is honest. She told me when I was being stupid, which was great because I really did need to hear it. I just can't explain her because these qualities seem so rare. People this genuine are so rare. During the season she got hurt and went to work up in the companies Salt Lake office. I remember being so mad. Like she got hurt, but no It's about me, I NEED her! She made me feel valid. I didn't feel ashamed around her. She looked out for me and listened to everything I had to say. One night we went to Wendy's and somehow got into an in depth conversation about our beliefs. That night I realized how intelligent she truly is. She has figured out for herself who she is and what she believes. As dumb as it sounds, she was seriously my angel this summer. She gave me a chance, as she did to everyone. She became one of my closest friends in such a short amount of time. I admire her thoughtfulness, sassy/witty comebacks, and true beauty. I don't know a soul that doesn't love her. McKenna is someone I will strive to become more like every single day. I consider myself the luckiest human to be able to call her a friend. I love you McKenna, thank you for being you!

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  1. Miss Annie.
    First, you seriously made me cry -- "I never do this!!" Second, this post made me smile because it is as if all of my feelings and thoughts of you were taken from my heart and written down. You can ask Jace, Joel, and my mother. You were my saving grace, an angel indeed. In fact, I told them the best thing that came from breaking my arm was you. Your friendship and love. Getting to know you, building a genuine and true friendship. You are one of the greatest girls I know, wise beyond your years. I would like to reiterate your thought, but reversed, "Annie is someone I will strive to become more like every single day." I love you Miss Annie! Thank you for being such an amazing and loyal friend. FLOY!!!