Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the influence series 3

The Influence Series is a way for me to share my love and thank those that have blessed my life. For more of a description about the series read HERE

There is a special girl that has touched so many lives, especially this past year. I haven't met someone as loving as her. She is the most accepting person I've ever met. 

That girl, is Sydney. 

That is one of my favorite pictures of her because it explains exactly who she was. She is light. I don't think there was a rehearsal without her making some weird, crazy, comment, or dance move. It wasn't possible. She befriended every single girl at our studio. One of my favorite things was that when someone would get embarrassed, she would make fun of herself to take the attention off the other person. She was kind, sincere, loving, and down right crazy. The creepy, eyebrow raising looks she'd give you right before a wink. Losing her was heartbreaking to everyone that knew her. She is the best example of true selfless friendship, for all of us. A friend and I were talking about how majority of the people that know her, refer to her as "their best friend." We discussed the fact that at some point in her life she made everyone feel like they were her ultimate best friend. She befriended everyone! Which was lucky for us, because we all wanted to be her friend. I aspire to be more like who she is; a light, genuine, and a happy spirit you want to be around. She defines my meaning for "the influence series." She is someone we can all aspire to be more like. I'm so grateful for the years of friendship I had with her and am grateful for her example to us. Love you forever Syd. 

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